What will you be given during the incubation?

The program offers a comprehensive package of support services including office accommodation, equity free incentive funding (50k€ max), technical support, business coaching and legal/ IPR advice.
Program duration: 12-24 months

Skyint Ltd.

SDaaS that develops products related to three strategic pillars: space technologies, cutting-edge software development, and web technologies
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Ephemersys Ltd.

Cloud-based analytics application for space mission development to build nano-satellite missions
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GHG Monitoring Solutions Ltd.

Satellite data solution to eliminate unwanted methane leaks
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CropOM Ltd.

Cloud-based education platform specialized in fields of high data volumes for students and educators
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Space-Fit Ltd.

Electric muscle stimulation space wear to improve the rehabilitation of astronauts returning from space missions
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DATelite Ltd.

Monitor structural health and assess the condition of industrial sites and various infrastructural facilities using InSAR technology
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The first affordable and flexible insect monitoring technology to grow more with less
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StarGrip Ltd.

Development of hand gesture recognition, based on muscle activity to control electronic devices used by astronauts
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Motion Products Ltd.

Motion monitoring of traffic and industrial facilities
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