Our Alumni Teams

With whom we developed together.
Our teams, who successfully finished the incubation program.

Spectrafold Ltd.
Team of dedicated professionals, who work tirelessly to invent and create affordable, cutting-edge solutions
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Space Apps Ltd. - Beebox project
Agriculture & Space
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D3 Seeron Ltd.
IT & software development for unique needs from large-scale data processing to image processing to the application of artificial intelligence
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27G Technology Ltd.
The most advanced and smallest dosimeter solution for space missions
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SpaceCrop Ltd.
An AI Decision Support Tool to help farmers track their water use and increase crop resiliency with satellite data
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MindRove Ltd.
Biosensing devices for brain training for astronaut candidates supported by artificial intelligence
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Surviot Monitoring Ltd.
Smart movement and deformation monitoring solutions for civil engineering projects made for experts and decision makers
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SpaceABC Consulting Ltd.
DNA- and biomarker-based personalised nutrition programme for space travellers
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Genesis Sustainable Future L
Portable miniaturized laboratories for farmers to early detect plant stress and nutrient demand
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